India d’Scarlet is an Australian Artist currently based in Byron Bay, Australia. 

Soft, organic and provocative, India d’Scarlett’s work is an expression of the dark and divine feminine. Sensual, sexual, dominant, submissive, wild, tame, lost, found, vulnerable and strong.


Artist Statement

Through the use of experimental in-camera techniques d’Scarlett’s photographs emanate a painterly quality and abstraction. These processes are used to distort the perception of reality in order to visualize the sublime. Within today’s society women are portrayed to the world in a one-dimensional manner - they are either madonna or whore. However, women are infinitely more than this - divine and wild in all that they are. Beings deeply connected to Mother Earth and her cycles. Beings who bleed and lactate. Beings who are composed of the divine darkness of life as well as the divine light. d’Scarlett’s work is an exploration and expression of the organic rawness of womanhood. 



- 2019 Elysium (Solo Exhibition), BlackCat Gallery, Melbourne, Australia. 11th - 22nd December.

- 2019 Her Wild Dreaming, Schoolhouse Studios, Melbourne, Australia. 

- 2019 F*EMS Zine Launch, Noir Darkroom, Melbourne, Australia. 

- 2019 Emerging Artist Award 2019, Fortyfivedownstairs, Melbourne, Australia. 
- 2019, The Sex Show, Gallery 1313, Toronto, Canada. 

- 2019, Almost Solo V.9. In.cube8r Gallery, Melbourne, Australia.

- 2019, 50 Squared Art Prize. Brunswick Street Gallery, Melbourne, Australia

- 2018, CCP Salon, Centre for Contemporary Photography, Melbourne, Australia.

- 2018, Artists in Residence Exhibition, SPAO Centre, Ottawa, Canada.

- 2018, Melt (Solo Exhibition), Nuit Rose Queer Arts Festival, Glad Day Bookshop, Toronto, Canada.

- 2018, Mindset : Exposure Contact Photography Festival, Workman Arts, Toronto, Canada.

- 2018, Fountain of Desire, The Sussex Contemporary, Ottawa, Canada.

- 2017, The Light Fantastic, In.cube8r Gallery, Melbourne, Australia.

- 2017, The Love Show, In.cube8r Gallery, Melbourne, Australia

- 2016, Not Another Bloody Grad Show, Meat Markets, Melbourne, Australia

Residencies and Awards

- 2019 Finalist, Emerging Artist Award 2019, Fortyfivedownstairs, Melbourne, Australia.

- 2017 - 2018 SPAO Artist Residency, School of Photographic Arts: Ottawa, Canada
- 2018 In-gallery Artist in Residence, The Sussex Contemporary, Ottawa, Canada
- 2016 Kalman Feitel Photography Award, RMIT University, Australia



- 2013 - 2016 Bachelor of Arts (Photography), High Distinction
RMIT University, Melbourne, Australia

- 2016 International Exchange - Bachelor of Arts (Photography)
Danish School of Media and Journalism, Copenhagen, Denmark


Works held in private collections throughout Australia and Canada.