The Dripping Honey Collection
  • The Dripping Honey Collection

    4 x A5 Postcards.

    100% Compostable Packaging.


    Be like honey. So that you may flow with the whole of the universe. Melting and melding all your sharp edges, your choked up channels. Softening your grasp, allowing tenderness to take over. If there is sadness, allow it to rush over you like a wave of noise. Allow it to burrow into every little hidden crevice of your soul and you’ll see that it won’t swallow you whole. If there is anger, allow it to burn you like molten lava. Let it flow from you in torrents out into vast, open space. Allow it to flow back into the infinite field of energy that surrounds you. Surrendering to all. Flowing with all. Be like honey. Soft and warm and gooey. Be like honey. Viscid nectar dripping. Be like honey. Velvet moans reverberating. Be like honey. Sweet and dripping. Be like honey.


    This print pack is a selection of four A5 prints curated as a reflection on the sensual nature of the feminine.