Work With Me

The way that I work is slow and intentional. I take my time to capture the beauty of what is before me. Making sure to tend to the details and not rush through. My work explores the feminine and the erotic and I tend to it with deep devotion and presence.


My unique soft painterly style is brought into form through the use of experimental in-camera techniques. The explorative nature of my work is birthed from the mystery. It is from that place that I weave my magic. Painting with light to capture a feeling. My imagery is soft, raw and provocative - it is unapologetic in its message. It seeks to portray the human experience in all of its complexity.

In its darkness and its light. 

I only work with brands and people who align with my vision. If you’re desiring to capture and create something outside of the box;

something that evokes feeling, mystery and sensuality then you’ve come to the right place.

When we weave magic together, your form & essence is captured through my lens with a unique artistic vision.





You my love, are living, breathing poetry. Let’s capture your beauty, your majesty, your unique form and flavour. Is there is an archetype you wish to express yourself in? Delve into your sensual and erotic expression? Let your mysteries reveal themselves to you through our co-creation.


Let’s drop into the magic of your essence and bring that forth.

- Dream weaving call (We get clear on your vision)

- Up to 90 minute Shoot Time

- 25 Edited Images

- Price on Application

50% Deposit Required



So, you have an unapologetic vision you wish to express to the world. You’re ready to shine your light out and make ripples in the tapestry of the collective. You’re in your power and desiring to create art as a vehicle for your message.

Whether this is your first time doing a branding shoot or you're looking for a brand refresh. This is the package for you.

- Dream weaving call (We get clear on your vision)

- Up to 3hr Shoot Time

- Up to 2 locations

-  40 Edited Images

- Price on Application

50% Deposit Required




Do you have a project that falls outside the realms of one of my other packages? A unique and exciting vision you’re desiring to execute? Get in contact and let’s see if there is an alignment between us. I love working on creative projects with an inclination towards the erotic, the sensual and the experimental. 

- Dream weaving call (We get clear on your vision)

- Custom Quote 

-Custom Shoot time


50% Deposit Required



Styling is one of the parts of shooting that I absolutely love. It's a space for the creative juices to flow. Not sure what to wear or how to style your outfits for your shoot? Let's come together and co-create some epic looks to convey the feeling and aesthetic that you're dreaming up.

- 60 min Styling consultation via Zoom or in Person

- Access to my shoot wardrobe & accessories

- $150




Hours of Shooting - $150/hour