India Madeleine d'Scarlett

Since the age of twelve I have seen the world through a photographic lens. Finding muses all around me in women, nature, music, film, poetry and movement. My mind dreaming up otherworldly scenes and images from deep within my own feminine psyche.

As I grew and evolved in my own raw and intimate experience of womanhood my work evolved with me into deeper explorations of the erotic, the sexual, the sensual and the spiritual aspects of the feminine.

I dived into the world of Tantra and Sacred sexuality in my early 20s and studied Somatic Sexology. It was here that I discovered the Priestess within and my sacred role as a guide & Doula for women into deep liberation and self expression.  I am a Devotee of the Feminine Mysteries and I continue to take both a personal and professional pilgrimage into the sacred worlds of the body, magic and Eros.

My artwork and photographic offerings are infused with this rich tapestry of experience, womb Gnosis, ancient remembering and intuitive visions. The art I create for the world and for my clients is a pure channel for the wild, raw, untamed multidimensional feminine in all that she is.

My soul has been revealed to me as Death itself. Here to disrupt old paradigms and the epidemic of disconnectedness from our Truth, our Hearts & our Wombs.

My approach to life & my service is deeply holistic, somatic and embodied. I walk a path of honouring the journey of a soul incarnate on earth and the initiations we must each walk through as we evolve and grow as the unique beings that we are. In reverence I honour all aspects of this human experience. The Shadow & The Light. All that masquerades that it is not Love. Here as a song of Remembrance. That we may all root into the Ancient Riverbed of Love from which we came and collectively Rise.

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